The Difference Between Home Builders and Real Estate Developers – Adelaide Custom Builder

If you’ve ever been looking for a house before, you’d know that there are plenty of options that you can choose. Two of the options that are there for you are home builders and real estate developers. While you can choose either one, we know that you can’t help but wonder what the difference is between these two professionals. An Adelaide custom builder is someone who builds custom homes, while real estate developers tend to develop an already existing property. To make sure you understand what these two are, we’ve dedicated this article into explaining the differences and similarities of a home builder and a RE developer.

Home Builders and Real Estate Developers – What’s the difference?

A home builder is someone who takes an existing piece of land and builds a structure on it. He can also take an existing structure and update or remodel it. Here are the things that a builder can do:

  • Builds a structure on a property that has just been bought or already own by his client.
  • Transforms an already existing structure owned by the client.
  • Purchases subdivided lots, builds a structure on them, and sells them to potential clients (see “display home”).


These are the things that a typical Adelaide custom builder does.


A real estate developer, on the other hand, has the same concept and goal as a builder. However, developers don’t transform a property like what builders do. Instead, they quote-and-quote, ‘develop’ it by adding value to the property. This professional takes an idea he has for a particular property and develops it into a project.


Here are the things that a Developer Does:

  • Searches for a property that meets with his general requirements.
  • Formulates ideas that he believes will increase the value of the property (e.g., houses, condominiums, commercial buildings/properties, apartments, industrial establishments, etc.)
  • Does research and analysis on the project at hand.
  • Finds potential investors and convinces them to invest money on his project.
  • Purchases the property via cash or financial mortgage from a bank.
  • Gets the right plans made by the right people (engineers, architects, surveyors) to give some substance to his project.
  • Obtains city approval to allow him to carry out the project.
  • Sells his project to one or multiple builders


So as you can see, both home builders and real estate developers do have their commonalities and differences. But at the end of the day, it’s all up to you to decide if you’ll go for an Adelaide custom builder or a RE developer. Choose wisely.

How You’re Supposed to Take Full Advantage of a House and Land Package

Having a home that you can call your own is every individual’s dream. That’s why to afford to get one eventually; we all work hard to save money. No other accomplishment can pass the feeling of finally achieving the dream you have always wanted. Plus, if you end up with an investment in a house where you get to choose the design and features in it is even more satisfying. It means that you can look for something with specific paint, light fittings, floor plans, appliances and others that suits your liking. In other words, when it comes to how you want your house to look and feel, the choice is yours. That’s why, these days, House and Land Packages Adelaide are becoming the preferred option here in Australia.



Purchasing FarimontHomes new build-homes is often encouraged to buyers as it moves congestion out of already built-up areas. Plus, it promotes economic growth, which provides construction jobs and traffic to local businesses. A lot of freedom is what you will enjoy if you purchase a house and land package. When committing to a house and land package deal, you get access to several outstanding benefits, including:


  1. You expect lower deposits.


10% land loan deposit, 5% for a construction loan and only 5% deposit for turnkey packages are often the only requirements from buyers. For new build homes, some banks also offer lower fees.  Thus, to get the best deal, it is best to shop around or work with a mortgage broker.


  1. You have the potential of benefiting from bigger savings.


When purchasing House and Land Packages Adelaide, you should expect savings. The first one is the less stamp duty that only applies to the land’s value, not including the house that will come later. Compared to similar properties in nearby established suburbs, homes in new developments like FarimontHomes are often more affordable. Plus, over time, it can potentially catch up in the market value.



Moreover, compared to existing homes, there are several first home buyer grants offered by state governments with higher entitlements for new homes. Apart from that, for first home buyers, some states also cover the cost of the stamp duty on the land. No doubt, it translates into more savings.


  1. There’s also less maintenance once you move in.


Structural issues, roof damage, are only two of the numerous hidden surprises waiting to new owners of older homes. Fortunately, with a new home, this will never be a problem.  Rest assured, there will be no hidden wear and tear on the new house you will be purchasing. Plus, you, as the buyer will be covered if any major issues occur as new homes also come with warranties and structural guarantees.


Benefits of Buying Display Homes Adelaide for Sale

When talking about display homes, we’re referring to the best a home has to offer. Its purpose is to entice and compel buyers, allowing them to imagine their lives living in these stunning and functional houses. It also visualises the things they like and dislike.  Display homes Adelaide are built to the very best of a builder’s ability. It’s adorned with different exciting designs and features that fully showcases the latest in design innovation. This fact, coupled with a series of other benefits, make investing in a display home an extraordinarily viable and enticing option. If you’re considering buying or building a new home, then why not consider a display home? Click here to read more.


Listed below are the top three benefits of investing in a display home. We also added a precautionary section to shed some light on the potential frustrations that you will go through.


8% ROI


When you choose display homes Adelaide from a reputable company, you will receive an 8% return on investment for the life of your lease. This return comes at a great advantage to the buyer, as the builder will rent the property from the buyer for the entire duration of the display village. The duration of the display typically lasts around two to three years. People will buy the home before it becomes a display, usually even before the start of construction. Once the display period has concluded, the homeowner can then choose to move into their new home or rent it out again to regular tenants. Either way, you will benefit from an eight per cent increase in your return on investment when you go for display homes.




Display homes are built in growing areas within organised communities with excellent access to public transport facilities, shopping centres, schools, and various other amenities. This convenience makes the location of the display homes well-connected and ideal for growing families. Click here to read more about the perfect sites of display homes.


Kept in Pristine Condition



Instead of renting it to strangers, which can sometimes come at considerable risk, the buyer can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their home will be well-maintained in the hands of professional home builders. The builder will be the one to maintain the look and feel of the property, making sure that it will always look fresh and brand new in the eyes of people.


To know why you should be cautious when buying display homes Adelaide, click here to read. It will redirect you to the continuation of this article.


Tips When Hiring a Will and Estates Lawyer

Planning your estate may not be on top of your priority list, but you eventually will need to make it soon. While most people believe that they can do it, there are several reasons why you should work with an experienced lawyer. For one, preparing wills and estates Perth requires knowledge of the law which covers the provisions. If you are not a legal professional, you may make a mistake that eventually could put the will in danger of becoming void or a source of conflict within the family.

It, therefore, is evident that hiring a will and estates lawyer is a necessity but be reminded that not every prospect you meet is the right one to help you with your will. You must learn how to find the best legal expert for the job.

The first step in hiring a lawyer for the preparation of your will is to identify what you need from one. You must familiarise yourself with what an attorney can do as well as the services they may provide. For starters, an estate lawyer comes equipped with the knowledge and skills in advising clients like you on how to prepare and straighten out your affairs as you make for the impending deterioration of your health, and eventually death. You see, there is more to a lawyer than just reading the will to the members of the family once you are gone.

Aside from helping you with wills and estates Perth, the best lawyer you can find has the skills in drafting living trusts as well as help you in preparing a plan intended to avoid estate taxes. Without an experienced legal professional, you never will acknowledge the significance of making sure that your life assets are safe from the creditors of your beneficiaries once you leave this world.

Be sure that you find a lawyer who can show proof that he or she has extensive experience and specialty in estate planning. While it is true that almost all legal professionals know about preparing a will, you still cannot take the risk of hiring someone who does not specialise in wills and estates. The reason is that you want to take full advantage of your investment in hiring an attorney by getting the best possible legal assistance.

If you consider yourself to have a complicated financial and family situation or maybe your estate is taxable, it means you must focus on hiring a lawyer with decades of experience in estate planning. There are numerous intricacies in the preparation of a will, and the last thing you want is to pass the burden to your heirs of having to fix the mistakes you made, merely because you hired an incompetent or inexperienced lawyer.


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